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Audio Center of Babylon is a privately owned division of OTOhealth Hearing Care Centers.  Call today for a free hearing aid demonstration​.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Services


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Over 30 years combined of expert hearing health services.

Audio Center has been serving its local and surrounding community for over 40 years. Our doctors and friendly staff are committed to helping patients by improving the quality of their hearing in a warm and professional atmosphere.

Complete Audiological Examination 

At this initial visit the Audiologist will obtain information regarding your medical and hearing history.  We will then proceed to take you into the hearing test booth where a series of testing of the outer, middle and inner ear will be conducted.  This series of testing includes your ability to hear at different pitches and will assess your ability to understand speech.  

Hearing Aid Evaluation  

The Audiologist will determine from your hearing test the type and level of your hearing loss and discuss the options that will address your communication needs.  These recommendations are not solely based on hearing level but also lifestyle, cosmetic needs and budget. Different styles of hearing aids and technology levels will be discussed at this visit.  

Hearing Aid Fitting  

Upon your return we will ensure that your new hearing aid is programmed properly and has a comfortable fit.  During this fitting appointment, the audiologist will also spend time to teach you how to insert and remove the hearing aid, as well as proper care and maintenance of the devices.